Какой предлог использовать (1 - 20)

Часто у людей возникают проблемы при выборе того, какой предлог использовать со словом. В данном списке самые распространенные случаи.

Переведите предложения, пользуясь подсказками.

  1. accuse of – (обвинить в)
    Are you accusing me of lying?
  2. accustomed to – (привыкший к)
    I'm not accustomed to being treated like this.
  3. afraid of – (бояться чего-то)
    I've always been afraid of flying.
  4. aim at – (стремиться к)
    The talks are aiming at a compromise.
  5. angry with/at – (злиться на)
    I got really angry with her.
  6. arrive at/in – (прибыть в)
    It was dark by the time we arrived at the station. We arrived in Prague later that day.
  7. ashamed of – (стыдящийся чего-то)
    I'm so ashamed of you.
  8. believe in – (верить в)
    Some people believe in life after death.
  9. careful of/with/about – (осторожный с)
    Be careful with that vase - it's very fragile.
  10. complain about – (жаловаться на)
    Lots of people have complained about the noise.
  11. composed of – (состоящий из)
    The Group is composed of five representatives from each regional and interest group.
  12. congratulate on – (поздравить с)
    Granny rang up to congratulate him on passing his exams.
  13. consist of – (состоять из)
    Breakfast consisted of a plain roll and a cup of coffee.
  14. depend on – (полагаться на)
    You can depend on Jack - he's the most reliable man I know.
  15. deprive of – (лишать чего-то)
    He was deprived of food for three days.
  16. die of – (умереть от)
    If anyone found out that I took the money, I'd die of shame.
  17. different from – (отличающийся от)
    Emily is very different from her sister.
  18. dressed in – (одетый в)
    She was dressed casually in jeans and a sweatshirt.
  19. guilty of - (виновный в (ответственность)
    The jury has to decide whether a person is guilty of a crime.
  20. guilty about - (виновный (о чувстве)
    I feel so guilty about forgetting her birthday.