Какой предлог использовать (21 - 40)

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  1. independent of - независимый от
    The group is independent of any political party.
  2. indifferent to - безразличный к
    Finally, we should not remain indifferent to this serious issue.
  3. insist on - настаивать на
    I don't know why you insist on talking about it.
  4. interested in - заинтересованный в
    He didn't seem very interested in what I was saying.
  5. jealous of - ревнующий к
    Why are you jealous of her
  6. look at – смотреть на
    “Have you decided what to do?” – “No, I`m still looking at the different possibilities.”
  7. married to - женатый на
    So how long have you been married to Nicky?
  8. pleased with - довольный (чем-то)
    Simon's looking very pleased with himself today.
  9. prefer to - предпочитать (делать что-то)
    Would you prefer to pay by cash, cheque, or credit card?
  10. related to - в родстве с
    She claims she is related to royalty.
  11. satisfied with – удовлетворенный чем-то
    Нer teachers seem satisfied with her progress.
  12. similar to - похожий на
    I bought some new shoes which are very similar to a pair I had before.
  13. succeed in - добиться успеха в
    Frankly, I've almost succeeded in forgetting you.
  14. superior to - имеющий превосходство над
    The new model is superior to the old one.
  15. sure of - уверенный в
    We arrive early to be sure of getting a good seat.
  16. suspicious of - подозревающий (кого-то)
    They are highly (= very) suspicious of one another
  17. shout at – кричать на
    Dad really shouted at me when I broke the window.
  18. talk about – разговаривать о чем-то
    We are talking about our weekend.
  19. take care of – заботиться о ком –то
    Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself.
  20. think of – думать о... (мнение)
    What do you think of the new boss?